About Tiffany's Pop-Up Markets

Tiffany's Pop-up Markets hosts different pop-up shops at event venues or small businesses to help drive and foot traffic to both vendors and small businesses. Supporting small businesses is becoming increasingly important as time goes on. In Houston and other large cities, pop up shops are hosted as a great way to network with other small business owners and to help get a large audience in front of business owners who have products on hand. Our goal is to help you push your product in front of new audiences to keep your business thriving and sales increasing.

Services We Provide For POP-up Market Coordinators

  • Resources for a successful event

  • Help with booking and coordinating markets in your area

  • Create "BASIC" graphic flyer design for your events

  • Help get your events listed on different websites and platforms

  • Create a data sheet of previous vendors at your events

Want to be a part of Tiffany's pop-up markets or need help with coordinating pop-up markets?





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