Be The Light when there is No Light! Survival Market

I am working on the New Age, New Medieval Times Market..

This market is focused on Disaster Relief Preppers.

Check this Scenario out. A storm is coming and you have to leave.

You may not have a home to go back to. What 5 items do you take with you to survive off of?

There are plenty of Dooms Day Preppers. My Goal is not to spread fear, but to raise awareness. That if everything were to completely fall apart you are prepared for the unpredicted. Let's take it back to the days when our ancestors knew how to survive with little to nothing. In 2020 - 2021 it is loud and clear what we as Citizens in this Country have no power. One minute we can have Lights the next minute we don't and every house, every business every Corporation can be wiped out with no lights. Not to mention the water supply. The food supply. I hope you can see my Vision that God just so graciously gave me. Let me tell you a secret I am 0% prepared for the unpredicted.

  1. Medical Supplies

  2. First aid Kits

  3. Flashlights

  4. Prepackaged Food

  5. Tools

  6. Knives

  7. Fire Starters

  8. Evangelists

  9. Services that help train How to Hunt, Shoot with a Gun

  10. Self Defense instructors

  11. Fitness Trainers

  12. Holistic Herbs

  13. Generators

  14. Wood

  15. Livestock

  16. Candles

  17. Clay Pots

  18. Oils

  19. Archery

  20. Resources on how to use simple house hold items for multiple uses.

  21. Carpenters

I always welcome every one else as well that currently already Vend with me.

The market in Cleveland Texas is the Perfect spot!!

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